Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Shape Grammar of a Pyramidal 

Collaboration with Megan Ward

This installation was a collaboration with photographer and digital media artist Megan Ward. It began as a series of studies exploring shape grammar with pyramidals (Below). 1/4" rods were then cut to size and welded using a crude, wooden jig (Above). We then created a site specific installation at The Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park using the individual pyramids.

Shape Grammar: The principle of architectural design that involves repeating a shape in 2 or 3 planes to create new surfaces and objects. 



How do we build a site specific installation without having exact measurements of the site. And how can we transport a 6ft sculpture without renting a truck?



Creating a modular sculpture that could be transported and assembled quickly and easily by a team of two.

Study for Final Sculpture

Before embarking on this project. A small scale study for the final sculpture was designed and constructed. 

The rods were braised and finished with a coat of Rustoleum metal primer/paint combo.

This study serves as a materials test and a mockup used in the pitch of the final installation.