*brand concept

about us

Hep.tagon started as a small batch production line, but has evolved into a fully fledged brand though a robust social media following and a fresh new design. 

We at Hep.tagon strive to be colorful, iconic, stunning, and playful. 

concept sketches

concept renders

- modeled in Rhino 6

design - color

The now iconic design of the Hep.tagon mug started from a series of experiments, executed in Rhino. We created roughly 50 repeated experiments using the revolve tool to spin a truncated heptagon. This creates the wacky-weird shape that our customers know and love today.  

Before we settled on the three colors that would eventually deign our brand. We mixed a number of different ceramic glazes. These are the ones we chose and some we didn't.

making, the mug

Quality is the centrifugal thesis of everything we do at Hep.tagon. That's why our mold-making process emphasizes that same dedication to quality that our customers recognize us for. 

your own, Hep.tagon mug

Hep.tagon Mug

Hep.tagon Mug